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    Barbara Henniger

    A week ago I made the trip to Vancouver to pick up my new Ebony Prelude 40! It took less than 2 weeks to arrive after I ordered it, via Chicago, a warehouse in Washington state, and on to Vancouver, BC

    The harp is stunning, and even the dealer was impressed it is so elegant. He hadn’t seen an ebony Prelude and was surprised how great the colour looks.

    The 6 hour trip home to the Okanagan was a little stressful for me and I felt like a new mom bringing home her baby.

    After doing all my reading on the Forum, I was prepared for broken strings but so far I have none! During travel, we put a Bass humidifier in the sound box and the harp room at home has its own humidifier, as well as a humidifier built into the house. We live in a semi-arid desert climate complete with prickly-pear cactus so keeping on top of the humidity here is critical. I am managing to keep the humidity between 35-40.

    The Prelude has been home for 6 days and I have tuned it frequently and thankfully, it is settling in. I am used to tuning a Dusty Strings Ravenna 34 I have been renting, so it was quite a challenge tuning my new harp. I think it took about 4 hours to tune it the first day. I am now much more confident and many of the strings only need a minor adjustment now. Playing it feels a lot different too but I am loving it and feel full of joy when I play it.


    Congratulations! (You should play it in good health.)



    Isn’t it SOOOOOO exciting!?


    Congratulations. And nice choice of color. My 85 is ebony and I love it.

    It is a great harp and you are going to love it for a long, long time, I am sure.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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