My New harp is on it’s way!

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    Carm Zephyr on #158457

    Hi all,

    This is just a little post to express my excitement about finally ordering my harp. This is truely like christmas to me, I have been saving for a very long time. To anyone out there who thinks owning your own harp one day may never happen- I am proof it can. Little by little with a lot of focus it can 🙂 Woohoo

    deb-l on #158458

    gotta love the time of this post, 1:49 am, a little sleepless with excitement LOL.

    Carm Zephyr on #158459

    Hi Deb,

    1:49 AM! How funny but not from my side of the globe it wasn’t hehehehe. It was sometime in the afternoon here in Tasmania lol.

    deb-l on #158460

    that sounds fantastic so you worked with him to make the harp you dreamed of and it’s done?

    Carm Zephyr on #158461

    Well it’s not complete yet, It’s well on it’s way though. I’m just so excited about the fact of my dream harp coming to life. The bottom string is a low G so that should give me plenty of space for playing a variety of things. Thanks for your replies Deb, It’s so nice to share enthusiasm with people who understand just how exciting this is. Know one quite gets it like fellow harping enthusiasts I’ve found.

    lisa-kikol on #158462

    I have a Thom Elf 26 harp from Andrew Thom. Its a small little thing — but I have played it many times in front of people and their reaction is the same — they are amazed by the sound the little harp makes. I am also a big fan of his unique designs –not to mention the cool colors.

    I would have more Thom harps — but live in Florida and costs alot to get one over here.

    You will be very happy with your Thom Harp.

    lisa-kikol on #158463

    I thought you might like to see Thom Harp web site. I think its going to make you smile — just seeing his unique designs. I own one and very happy with it.

    deb-l on #158464

    thanks for sharing the website he’s very innovative in the materials and design.

    Leslie Davis on #158465

    Oh, you’re ‘expecting’!

    Carm Zephyr on #158466

    You know Lisa, If you found a couple of other people wanting Thom harps in your area he can combine the shipping and it would be cheaper as you would split the costs. Just a possibility.
    Hey Leslie, “expecting” I love that expression hehe 🙂 Well I guess I am indeed. It’s funny you mention you like the Olwen model and the Stirling because they are my favorite designs too! and to me they seemed dragon-like as well!
    I have ordered a Stirling model. I didn’t discuss a time of completion, I gathered it will be finished when it’s finished and I’ve already waited so long for her it really doesn’t matter.

    Carm Zephyr on #158467

    By the way Leslie, Did your Laurel Leaf arrive yet? or are you still waiting? I remember that post a little while back. You know exactly how I feel then about “expecting”. So give me the update on your baby 🙂

    Leslie Davis on #158468

    Oh you did order a ‘Stirling’.

    Carm Zephyr on #158469

    Hahahaha! You’re hillarious Leslie 🙂 I love it! Hang in there sweetie, not long now at all. My harp maker called me yesterday and she is almost ready to be painted. You can choose any colour you like. Mine will be a silvery/purple colour. I have no idea what the finished harp will look like but I can’t wait to find out. Will you name your harp when it arrives? Do most people name their harps? I think I will, I’ve already been calling her a she so I guess I will 🙂

    jessica-wolff on #158470

    Here’s hoping your harp arrives just about when I’m typing this.

    Leslie Davis on #158471

    Carm, I’m posting this a bit late as I’ve already made a posting regarding the ‘delivery’ of my baby.

    Oooh, I believe I saw another harp on the site that had the silvery/purple finish and it looked so cool and sleek.

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