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    I’m in love. I met Marini Made Harps last year at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival in New Jersey, and I fell in love. I came home and obsessed over the Ultra Lite model that I’d played there… Reader, I bought it. It has opened up my ears to the harp. Now, last week a student of mine bought an “Affordable Regency” model, and lo, I’m in love all over again.

    I’ve been playing the harp for over 40 years, including decades as a professional harpist, and I’ve played many harps, even owned quite a few lever harps. But I am blown away by the beauty of the tone of these Marini harps. So sweet, so powerful, so deep, so lovely. So physical in the vibration… I am refreshed in my love of the harp.

    I recommend that you check Marini Made Harps out. Feel free to contact me directly to chat about them. I get no material benefit from writing this, just the pleasure of sharing my enthusiasm.


    Janet King


    Thank you for sharing this wonderful review Janet!

    Gretchen Cover

    Go to Janet’s website www, to see a full-length portrait of her new pride and joy. While there, go to the top listen link, skip 1 and 2 and then listen to Janet’s beautiful improvisations while you admire her harp.


    Janet: I have just popped into your website and I have my ear buds in listening to and being soothed by all your lovely pieces you have recorded and put on your page.. Thanks so much I am enjoying you playing more that you will know by my simple post here. I have just started play and my harp was a Christmas gift from my husband but I have a long way to go to even think of playing publicly let alone recording anything. . I looked up the harp you bought last summer and asked if they did often they did workshops, but they are quite a distance from where I live on the east coast of Canada.
    Thanks so much again for your music on your website.
    Iris Linkletter

    Sonya Wiley

    Wow, that’s a lovely sounding harp and only 15 lbs; that must be wonderful. I wonder if they will be at Southeastern Harp in October?


    Wow, this looks like a cool harp! Janet, I am loving your arrangement of Nightengale. Is this an original piece, or your arrangement? And do you have your arrangement for sale somewhere? I was searching on line, and there are a number of songs with this name, and not sure which one this is, if it isn’t your original piece. So if not, and you don’t have an arrangement for sale, who is the artist? Thanks so much. Your playing is so beautiful.


    Thank you all for your kind words. The recorded music at my website was all done on my classical harp (LH 17, if you’re interested). Ellen, that’s a Deborah Henson Conant piece, you can buy sheet music from her – she published one volume with many different arrangements of this single piece according to skill level and instrumentation, so it’s suitable for everyone. Sonya, email the Marinis to ask them down to Southeastern, maybe you can persuade them to go. Else, plan on coming up to the Somerset festival in NJ! You too, Iris!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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