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    Karen Johns on #161947

    Here is a pic of my two harps- Ceriddwen is the tall slender lady on the right (Voyageur style) and the little bard on the left is Taliesin (Limerick style). Cerridwen is cherry with nylon (first 23), gut (baritone range, 5) and wound steel (bass 5). Taliesin is walnut with steel wire strings.

    Karen Johns on #161948

    Here is a shot of just Taliesin for Liam…

    Karen Johns on #161949

    And a closer shot of the fabulous sheen of the walnut wood that Jerry Brown of Musicmaker’s picked out for

    Liam M on #161950

    Very Very Nice, And I love the tapestry behind them!

    Karen Johns on #161951

    The Tree (World Tree, Ygdrassil, Tree of Life) symbol is a rosette I ordered from Musicmaker’s. They also have cross and trinity (triscele) symbols. Go to their website

    The crosses are on clearance- so if these are what you had in mind, get ’em quick!

    Hope this helps.

    Brightest Blessings,


    Audrey Nickel on #161952

    Very pretty!

    Do you find the Voyageur sits stably on its base?

    Karen Johns on #161953

    Thanks, Audrey! Actually she sits very well, even my Limerick sits nice, and he doesn’t even have feet. I even attach a harp stand to her column

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