My levers “buzz” when I play

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    unknown-user on #157185

    I have a Cecelia folk harp( Webster). My levers “buzz” when I play.
    So much so, that I can’t concentrate to practice. I’ve tried
    tightening the levers,but it doesn’t seem to help. Any advice?

    unknown-user on #157186

    Hi, do all of your levers buzz?

    unknown-user on #157187

    Great response!!^
    Some of my levers buzz also:(

    unknown-user on #157188

    This is interesting.

    unknown-user on #157189

    There are many reasons for buzzing levers.

    HBrock25 on #157190

    WOW I know these posts were a while ago, but I’m facing the same problem with my harp. I live in India so you can only imagine my situation with the climate not being too kind, but I have been managing fine. It’s not that bad actually. For my harp, the buzzing started first with just one string and then as time went by more strings started buzzing and I could not understand why. A bigger limitation for me is the fact that India has no harp makers or retailers who can help me out. I’m on my own here, so websites like these really help me out.
    Luckily for me all my compositions don’t allow me to use accidentals so for the stings that buzz with the levers on it I just keep the lever off and tune the string accordingly. But I do want to eliminate this buzz. Are there any other ways I can do this apart from the above mentioned.
    Thank you all so much
    Anushka Lewis

    dave-lynch on #157191

    The first thing I would check is the contact point between the lever and the string.

    shelby-m on #157192

    This may or may not be helpful, but my harp teacher really likes to rip into the harp when he’s playing and this causes the bass wires to buzz against the levers (when the levers are and aren’t engaged). Eventually, he just took off his lowest C lever (and maybe the D, too, I can’t remember) and his buzzing problem went away.

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