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    There is a piece listed for many years as a harp solo, My Heart’s in the Highlands, by Hamilton Harty. It has also been unavailable for many years in the U.S. I wonder if any of our British friends are familiar with it and can describe it. Is it a simple setting, a new composition, a concert solo arrangement? Also, he wrote In Ireland for flute, harp and orchestra, which I’m rather amazed has not been taken up by many people, as he was a major musical figure.


    There is a Robert Burns song of the same title.


    I just discovered he also wrote two solo Preludes for the harp.


    A version of “My Heart’s in the Highlands” is listed in Sylvia Woods 52 Scottish Songs for All Harps




    Sorry, I can’t shed any light on “My Heart’s in the Highlands”.

    I have performed the “In Ireland” in a flute-harp version adapted from the flute-piano version. A bit tricky and needs some rewriting in places. I have a recording of the orchestral version, it’s really more a solo for flute with harp as a member of the orchestra. It is quite lovely but rather short so may not appeal to programmers looking for a flute concerto.


    Thanks for the insight. It is so hard to tell from a simple listing what the content is like.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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