my harp week-end and the harp models I tried

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    Hallo evryone,
    I’m back from a harp stage in Italy with my teacher and her otrher students, what a great harp week-end I had! I think I played really bad (and I guess the 33-35 degrees outside must have had something to do with it…), but it doesn’t matter, I came back with a lot of new stuff to work on, think about, ecc…I really love these kind of things! Everyone was so willing to shere experience, music…And I think my teacher is unique, she’s really a good, good teacher who gives a lot to her students, she can put 6 students with different backgrounds and different levels of harp playing and just get the best out of everyone, I tried a similar thing (althogh short, a morning and not two days) with another teacher once and it was a whole different thing… I think she has a gift!
    About the harps, I could try a new camac harp, which is not yet for sale. It was called Bardique and it was very much like the Ravenna 26 (but has 27 strings) in size and weight.

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