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    Owosso Harpist

    Meet Gilligan!

    Gilligan, my Venus Classic Harp

    Gilligan, my Venus Classic Harp2

    Gilligan, my Venus Classic Harp3

    Gilligan, my Venus Classic Harp3

    My Venus Classic Pedal Harp who just arrived today! He’s a used harp with a due in for a gentle cleaning as you can see in the last photo. Did you had any white dust and residue on your harp? If so, how did you clean it?


    Beautiful, Sherry!
    I usually wipe down my Venus Classic with a cloth that is just slightly damp.



    What a beautiful harp. I am sure it will bring you years of joy!

    Rod C.


    I don’t know Sherry, that harp is awfully pretty, couldn’t you name it Guilligana?


    Lovely harp. How old is it?

    I have a little brush I got from Sylvia Woods to clean all those nooks and crannies in my harp. I would try that first to see if the white can just be brushed away. If not a slightly damp cloth followed immediately with a dry cloth to prevent and damage from leaving moisture on the finish should do the trick.

    If it really gives you a hard time you can use something like Lyon and Healy harp polish. It does work great, although I only use it once in a very blue moon because I don’t want any kind of build up of polish. But when years of playing starts to leave it’s mark nothing makes the wood look as close to new as possible.

    Owosso Harpist

    According to Richard Fleischer, the man behind Budget Harp Rentals, it’s about 20 years old and built around 1990. I’ll have to consult the guys at Venus Harps to determine the exact age and birth date of the harp.

    Last night, I did the task of cleaning much of the dirt, grime, and scuff marks as best I can without ruining the finish of the harp. But the most tedious of all, what I thought to be huge scuff marks on the bottom part of the back soundboard turned out to be black permanent marker drawn to cover up some scratches. I would up removing a small spot of the finish in the process. So I had to stop before I do any more damage on the harp with I don’t want. I learned that The Harp Connection has harp touch up pens. That’s really Mohawk Pen Mark II pens.

    However, what they have are only limited choices in the kind of colors that would camouflage the markings on the harp. Even the Natural color can’t blend in well with the color of my harp, so I went to other sites to find the right color that will blend in with the finish and found Oak Natural Light, a yellowish color I believed to match that with the finish of my harp.

    I’m going to order it from a store on ebay and see if this marker will really work covering up the permanent marker blemishes on the harp. The scratches, dings, bumps, bruises, and the messy distorted decals is the only issue the harp has. But, the sound and the mechanics are completely flawless.

    My other concern is the distorted decal. Look closely at the last photo and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The previous owners must have done something to mess up the decals bad. Anyway to get an professional to come over the restore the decal?

    Pat Eisenberger

    Oh! the carving is just gorgeous! Even without the cleaning, Gilligan has great personality! How does he sound?

    Owosso Harpist

    Flawless! That’s what I think about the sound. Although he has issues with the finish, it can never compare with the clear beautiful sound Gilligan has. The actions and the mechanisms all work fantastically! No flaws.

    Today I got the touch up pen I ordered from ebay and used it to make Gilligan look better. I only colored all the back of the soundboard, which has most of the scratches and dings, and the front top side of the base which has glued cracks on it.

    Somehow, the previous owners must have done something that caused the base and the bottom part of the pillar to break apart. Thus, Gilligan had to go to a repair shop and get the pillar and the base fixed. All this really leads me to lament, “I wish the previous owners treat the harp better.” He would’ve been in a much better shape if it weren’t for the previous owners. As for the smeared painted decal, I’m saving the decal restoration for the experts at Venus Harps. Once the office is open Monday, I’ll ask them how much will it cost to really spruce up Gilligan and restore everything on that harp from getting a new base and soundboard that perfectly match Gilligan’s finish to restoring the decals.

    Liam M

    How do you do Gilligan.

    Congratulations Sherrie.


    Beautiful harp, Sherry! Congratulations! I’m sure you will have a lot of pleasure from being able to play again, and on such a nice harp!

    Maybe I’m confused, but isn’t Gilligan a rental harp? If so, you should talk to Budget Harp Rentals before sending him off for a new base and other work.

    Owosso Harpist

    He is a rental harp. So yes, I do need to talk to Budget Harp Rentals before I do something like that. Besides, I couldn’t afford to do that right now even when I do consult BHR about it. I’ll have to wait until I can afford to both buy him and send him off to get him into the greatest shape of his life. I would love to buy him rather than rent him. He is such a glamorous harp!

    john Doe

    You can buy cleaners from any music store . Just look for high qty, gtar, cleaners.

    Enjoy you made a right buy.

    john doe


    Love a decor soundboard “circle style” look like

    Asha the Nagini


    Nicanor Zabaleta

    What a beautiful concert grand. May I ask it costs ? $200, $250 a month ?

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