‘my’ full size harp

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    deb-l on #107721

    I think this forum is not a good influence on me

    shelby-m on #107722

    Good for you!

    deb-l on #107723

    thanks Shelby I think I lost some of my steam as bills seem to be piling in for my teens these days.

    kay-lister on #107724


    Just a word of encouragement . . . I have had my Thormahlen Swan (36 strings) for a little over 8 years now and thanks to Barbara Brundage and her talent in giving us classical music for the lever harp I never felt slighted in the lease as far as being able to play classical music or any other for that matter on my lever harp.

    deb-l on #107725

    thank you Kay that sure brought a smile to my face!!

    deb-l on #107726

    going to try a Prelude rental along with the Glen Aulen and see what shakes out of it.

    diana-lincoln on #107727

    I recently started playing the harp and was lucky enough to buy two gently used harps which I am really happy with. I have a Dusty FH26 and Prelude 38. Although I’m really all set with harps my eyes keep looking for that next addition to the family. I almost think it’s normal. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve had really good luck with used harps so far. Maybe as you try harps along the way you will find a gently used version of the one you like and make a deal.

    jessica-wolff on #107728

    Among the banjo crowd, this is known as BAS, banjo acquisition syndrome. It seems that there is such a thing as HAS also. You have a very sensible stable of harps, though, Diana.

    deb-l on #107729

    yeah that combo sounds pretty ideal.

    deb-l on #107730

    sorry for the double post, wish I could edit!

    deb-l on #107731

    actually, make that a Glen Aulen and a Prelude!

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