My Fingertips Need HELP

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    rebecca-cieply–2 on #146260

    I get calluses on my fingertips ALL the time. It seems to be getting worse the more that I am practicing. I keep noticing that my tone quality is bad because of the calluses on my fingers & I cannot get that soft rounded tone. Also, when I am playing a fast piece and replace my fingers back on the vibrating stings I tend to buzz louder because my fingertips are hard.

    I have tried using a file and sanding them off but it leaves my fingertips raw and doesn’t make a big difference. I thought maybe it was because of dry skin so I am trying to put lotion on them.

    I am very frustrated. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Tacye on #146261

    Try going to the chemists and investigating the foot-care section – that is where most of the callus stuff lives.

    jessica-wolff on #146262

    It could be worse. You could be a guitarist and have much worse calluses, though only on one hand.

    Sarah Mullen on #146263

    I have the opposite problem.

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