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    unknown-user on #163097

    Hello everybody!!!

    I posted before some of my works for harp here to see the reactions. And now i have a new song and i will like that you hear it and tell me what you think.
    (still)I am not a pro in composing and playing(i don’t play harp) but i think it is fine work…

    My songs you can find here

    any comments are welcome . . .


    Kelly R on #163098

    I think your composition is really beautiful  🙂

    Kelly R on #163099

    It has that sad but beautiful quality that I always fall for 🙂  You are extremely talented!

    paul-wren on #163100

    Very nice work. Have you ever had a harpist actually play any of them? Nice computer reproduction of the harp too.

    unknown-user on #163101

    Well sadly nobody jet play this. Usually I all my work do on the computer,midi… So if anybody want to play this

    kay-lister on #163102

    OK – I can’t get there.

    paul-wren on #163103

    I just copied and pasted the link in the address bar of my browser. Are you getting an error?

    unknown-user on #163104

    Fortunately, there are a number of programs that can convert midi into a score (Sibelius, Finale, etc).

    unknown-user on #163105

    Just copy the link in the browser… But if you have a problem i will send the mp3 on your mail if you want…
    Anyway if you want to download the song you can use this as a log in on soundclick
    pass: guest

    unknown-user on #163106

    Well i will send you the midi on the mail soon… Anyway i did convert some of my midis into scores but this time i want some with more experiences and knowledge of harp writing and playing to help me. To see if everything is by the rules and fully playable…. if not, to little correct it how much is needed…
    Thanks and i’ll write soon … .

    Fearghal McCartan on #163107


    unknown-user on #163108

    Well Thank you, i appreciate your positive feedback!!! At the moment i don’t have any scores of my work but i am working on that and it will be done in near future… Surely you will get my permission for playing them or anybody else who want to play…

    I wish to Thank everybody

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