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    Owosso Harpist on #197848

    I really love Grover, my Camac Athena which I’m enjoying playing music on immensely. Admittedly I wasn’t a fan of Camac harps. I was more into Lyon & Healy, Venus, and Salvi. That was before I became the proud owner of Grover who lead me to become a huge fan of Camac harps. When I pay off Grover, I want to get a Camac Clio harp I’ll use to do public gigs all over my hometown.

    Does anyone own a Camac Athena like I do? If so, how do you like it? Does anyone own a Clio, too? If so, how do you like it?

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    andy-b on #198179

    Hi, Sherry;

    I have an Athena in mahogany finish I’ve had about 7 years. I had a Clio in ebony before that. Both were extended soundboard harps. I really like both of them. Actually, I found the Clio harder to use the pedals on because the base is a bit deeper than on the Athena, so the pedals were a tad higher off the ground. I’ve also had Lyon & Healy pedal harps and a variety of lever harps over the years. I like the lighter weight of the Camacs, and the nylon pedal wraps, and all the other advances that Camac has made. The sound is really great as well. Both harps came strung with Camac strings, but I find that I prefer the sound of Bow Brand on mine. I’ve been lucky not to have had the difficulty with Bow Brand strings that many other harpists have had. Have fun with your new harp!

    Cheers, Andy

    eliza-morrison on #198405

    I don’t own a Camac, though I have played on an Athena and enjoyed it. The extra room at the top felt really luxurious.

    I am so happy to see that you have a concert grand of your own, at last! I know it’s been your dream for a very long time. Congratulations, and may you and Grover enjoy many happy years of making music together.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #198459

    I have had my Camac Athena EX since 2006. I absolutely adore it. I used bow strings for awhile, but I went back to Camac strings a couple of years ago (except for Pirastro at the top). My harp has the most beautiful ring to it and the bass is really strong. Everyone who has ever played it or listened to it really loved the sound.

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