My Antique Erard on a movie set

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    Veronika on #222951

    Very cool! And a beautiful harp. (Just wondering, how did they think the sheet music would be played with the stand facing away from the harp?)

    carl-swanson on #222955

    Haha! I took the picture when I went to pick up the harp. They had just started to break down the sets. I’m hoping that they had it facing in the right direction when they shot the scene!

    Eve on #222993

    Speaking of harps in movies does anyone know what the harp in Harry Potter is?

    Tacye on #223002

    Fluffy’s harp is a 19th century Grecian – can’t tell the maker, many were made by Erard but other makers made them too. I think I remember seeing it or a similar harp lurking in the back of the Hogwarts school orchestra in one of the early films. Are there any others?

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