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    mr-s on #185511

    Hello Friends long time ago was a post about musicians customs dresses , Toxidos, shoes , ties etc…. And somebody wrote and addresses a site that can order these stuff’s don’t know it really and can’t find that old post or the site address , can you help to get it .



    patricia-jaeger on #185512


    You will find the information on Forum Archives, concerning what men are comfortable wearing, if you go to page 5 by looking at the bottom of each page in the Professional Harpists category to see how to advance to the next page. At the top of page 5 then, Saul Davis Zlatkovski lists his question about male attire at the top, in HARP SUITS and there are 7 responses! One of the posters even gives a link to his favorite shirt shop online. If you search past page 5 in the archives, in Professional Harpists, you would very likely find the site concerning shoes for men also. Wonderful to know you are somehow safe now. When you can, let us know more so we may be able to help, but never harm, in some way.

    Gretchen Cover on #185513

    Basel, go to youtube and look at current videos of men harpists (and even classical guitarists) to see what they wear while performing. Most male musicians I know are not wearing tuxedos except to play with an orchestra. Many wear all black and have a nice tie to add color.

    I hope the men harpists of HC will give some guidance about current harp fashion.

    Sylvia on #185515

    Basel, I hope your post means that you are in a safe place, have a harp to play on and have a place to perform!

    mr-s on #185516

    Dear Gretchen , I know what to dress

    mr-s on #185517

    Dear Gretchen , I know what to dress

    Donna O on #185518

    Mr S. I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for but further down on page 5 under professional harpist there is a title– harp dresses. It mentions several sites for concert attire for both men and women. One of them is Hope this means you are safe and well.

    mr-s on #185520

    Hello everybody asking about me i am in Sweden now, and if you like to contact you can write me privately to my email :, thank you so much .

    mr-s on #185529

    Hello dear Donna , it’s not these posts another , but can’t find it .

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #186724

    The fit is so important, can you use a local tailor or store? At least for the jacket.

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