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    rebecca-hung on #167223

    Does anyone know how to get into a theatre orchestra? I’ve never
    really played in a “real” youth orchestra but I’ve freelanced around
    with groups and choirs needing a harp for certain pieces/concerts. I
    guess my question is also how does the whole broadway/opera/theatre
    orchestra system work? Do the musicians play all season or do they
    just sign on for one show?
    I’ll be happy for any input or info any of you might have. Thanks!

    patricia-jaeger on #167224

    Rebecca, if you are in the United States, find the nearest office of American Federation of Musicians (in the telephone book.) That professional group knows the answers to all of

    Evangeline Williams on #167225

    As far as Broadway itself, they are all union musicians.

    unknown-user on #167226

    I’m a director at a community theatre. My husband plays in some of the orchestras. The best thing to do is scan the newspaper for articles about auditions for musicals. The article will always list the director’s name and usually an email address or a phone number. Contact the director and let him/her know that you are interested in playing for the show. The director will give your name to the music director when they are ready to start putting together an orchestra. Be advised that most musicians picked for orchestras have a lot of musical experience and can sight read just about anything. They only get together for 2 or 3 rehearsals by themselves before they start playing the show for the cast. Then, they only do that maybe 3-4 times before the show opens – so there’s not a lot of time to “learn” the music.

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