Music Therapy Schools?

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    unknown-user on #87876

    Hi all — I have a (flute) student looking for colleges with a music therapy degree.

    jennifer-buehler on #87877

    I believe there is a list of schools on the AMTA website

    There are a couple of good programs in Iowa and one at KU.

    Jessica Frost on #87878

    Shenandoah University has a fantastic music therapy program and you can’t get much smaller than Winchester, Virginia 🙂

    Evangeline Williams on #87879

    Shennandoah also has a great harp program.

    unknown-user on #87880

    She did get info from Shenandoah and said she was planning to visit it soon — that’s great to hear.

    tony-morosco on #87881

    A Music Therapy program in a school with a small town feel? I have just the ticket.

    The undergraduate school I attended had a good music therapy program. Although I wasn’t in that program I

    unknown-user on #87882

    Thanks Tony!

    I’ve been forwarding all of these wonderful replies to my student – who says to tell you all “thanks!!”

    unknown-user on #87883

    My student ended up visiting Shenandoah last weekend, and absolutely fell in love with everything about it… the music department, the faculty, the music therapy program, the size of the school and the town, and of course the beautiful setting.

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