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    julianna-kocher on #144427

    I’m playing for the cocktail hour at a “French cafe” themed wedding. Any suggestions of music that would help create the French cafe atmosphere, please?

    I’m also on a short deadline…

    Thanks in advance!

    catherine-rogers on #144428

    Well, there’s “I Love Paris” and “C’est Magnifique” by Cole Porter and “Under Paris Skies” by Frank Chacksfield. Anything by Ravel, Debussy and Satie?

    Gretchen Cover on #144429

    Do a key word search on google for “french cafe music.” You will find a lot of suggestions and a youtube clip of music. I hope you are planning to wear some sort of costume to complete your role. A beret and tied scarf on the harp could be fun, too. If this was my gig, I would also bring a small, stuffed-toy dog with a leash tied to my harp column or harp bench. The French love their dogs:) Let us know how the wedding turns out. Sounds like fun.

    susan-koskelin on #144431

    Ray Pool’s arrangement of La Vie en Rose is a good one.

    patricia-jaeger on #144432

    Julianna, a few years ago I was asked to play background music for a well known travel writer and speaker for his presentation on France. I compiled a list of pieces and arranged the keys so that they were mixed, using my own arrangements, so help yourself to this list, if you wish:
    C: The River Seine. F: Plaisir D’Amour. Cm to CM: I Love Paris. G: Dominique. C: La Vie en Rose. Dm-DM: Les Bicyclettes de Belsize. C: J’Attendrai. G: Parlez-Moi d’Amour. C: Pigalle. DM7-EM7: A Man and a Woman. em: Domino. C: Aupres de ma Blonde. Eb: Moulin Rouge. C: Symphonie. Dm_DM: Forbidden Games. C: Mamselle. D-G-D: La Ronde. C: Hi Lili,Hi Lo. F: Beyond The Sea. C or Ab: If You Love Me, Truly Love Me. Dm-M: Love is Blue. C: Rondeau by Mouret. Am: Charade. C: Gigi.F: Alouette. C: Au Clair de la Lune. F: Frere Jacques. C: April in Paris. Eb: The Poor People of Paris. C: The Petite Waltz. C: Ebb Tide. F: Under the Bridges of Paris. Fm: Under Paris Skies.C: All I Ask of You.

    j-valentine on #144433

    William Mahan has a couple of books that are quick to learn. French Impressions, Paris Once Again and Monet’s Garden. Also GREAT FRENCH COMPOSERS FOR HARP by Sunita Staneslow.

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