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    laura-ann-barber on #68059

    Which music stand has tested the time of mobile usage, retractable regardless of price but has the ability to hold more than one sheet of paper. A light isn’t necessary for now as a simple led book light does the job in extremely dim rooms. Benches, I have a basic one but will the more expensive cushion stools get rips in them over time ?
    Would the wooden stool stand extremely hot/cold weather? Glue has a tendency to let loose things so I’m squiemish about the wooden product. Plus I’m not as petite, uh hum.. blush*
    Padded dollies, tires that can be replaced and ready to be replaced instead of waiting on a shipment to come in. Just trying to cut down on price/damage vs usage and any personal opinions and preferences are welcome!!!!

    jennifer-buehler on #68060

    I am a big fan of the Peak Folding Music stand. It’s very light weight but is very sturdy, even in quite a bit of wind. It has a wide base and the desk locks into place so won’t blow around. It looks like a solid desk, orchestra stand when assembled so looks classier than a wire stand and is sturdier and lighter than even my best wire stand. the desk is fairly deep so you can put a big gig book (or several!) on it. My only complaint is that I would like the desk to be wider. Some of my pieces are three pages long and I don’t like having that extra page hang off the side.

    Angela Biggs on #68061

    I second the Peak’s nomination. I’ve had one for several years. Though my antique brass music stand “matches” my harp better, the Peak is my first choice, every time. It is very stable, solid, packs down quite small, and the handles on the carry case that came with mine are long enough to sling over my shoulder. After a few years of nominal use, the velcro that wraps around the handles started to come undone, but it was a quick fix with a needle and thread.

    barbara-brundage on #68062

    I live in steamy FL and most of my playing is outside, especially in the summer. (Go figure.) Anyway, my Anderson stand is just as good as it was the day I got it, and it holds a lot. I did have a problem once, which was my own fault, with cross threading the leg part and then helpful folks at the gig turned it the wrong way so it was so stuck I couldn’t do anything with it. I called Anderson and they had me send it to them and fixed it for free, even though the thing was ten years old at that point. It holds as much as the regular wooden stands from L&H, Salvi, etc.

    kreig-kitts on #68063

    The Peak is a great folding stand, especially because of the solid desk for rehearsal markings. It does have a slightly larger footprint than most folding stands. If you need something that either takes a few inches less room or folds very compactly to fit into a backpack etc., I find K&Ms much sturdier than most metal folding stands.

    kristine-sung on #68064

    I just got the K&M Music stand and I love it! Its not too heavy and very durable. I feel that its also pretty popular.
    Here’s a link!

    laura-ann-barber on #68065

    great info and thank you for your help. I DID see a Troubadour complete set that can accommodate 3 sheets of paper. here is the link!

    m-l-mcneel on #68066

    My favorite music stand is the Nilton Magic Stand. It’s light weight, folds compactly and easily, and supports a heavy folder or gig book. The legs are adjustable. They will spread for stability at an outdoor gig, but can be retracted to fit into limited space if necessary. The case for it is priced separately, but worth getting.—Made-in-Sweden.axd

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