Music for lever harp that is NOT classical, folk, Celtic, etc.

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    Alissa W on #158596

    Hello everyone!

    jennifer-buehler on #158597

    If you want that much chromatic flexibility you should have a cross-strung!

    deb-l on #158598

    I really like Natalia by Deborah Henson-Conant, it’s more modern and very different.

    Karen Johns on #158599

    I love “Summer Rain” by Frank Voltz, and the book “Midsummer Meadow” by Pamela Bruner, especially “Forest Stroll”, “Dragonfly Waltz”, “Pacific Waves”, and “Gathering Dusk”. Also, Deborah Henson-Conant’s “Nightingale”.


    sherry-lenox on #158600

    Bernard Andres? As Jennifer pointed out, chromatic music requires lever changes.

    jennifer-buehler on #158601

    Great suggestion Sherry!

    Alissa W on #158602

    Thanks for the suggestions so far.

    jennifer-buehler on #158603

    Darhon Ree-Rohorbacher does some interesting harmonic things in some of her pieces.

    Stephanie on #158604

    I highly recommend Bernard Andres-his music has some neat and beautiful chords as well as some great melodies.

    Rachel on #158605

    Bernard Andres has amazing music, and as others have noted, much of his much requires no lever changes but

    roger-day on #158606

    The type of harp makes a big difference. Some have a long dwell which produces a certain amount of dissonant roar under the music when certain things are played. Some strings might be damped when this occours.

    Other harps have a shorter dwell, and producing a whole note may require several hits to sound right. Yet, this type harp can do certain things better.

    Another factor is percussive attack. A longer string for a certain note will have more string tension. More string tension tends to produce a clear ringing sound, but a much weaker ping sound when the string is plucked.

    Also the type of wood and soundboard shape may be a factor.

    Kathleen Clark on #158607

    I play a lot of Kathryn Cater and Mary Lloyd at City of Hope because both of their compositions fall into this category for me. Kathryn’s music was discussed in an earlier post on this thread. Mary Lloyd pieces I play are The Journey, Wishing, Unknown Paths, The Gentle Rain, Peaceful River, and Waiting for Heaven.

    Both Cater and Lloyd books are published by Afghan Press and available on the internet through Melody’s Traditional Music and Harp Shoppe.

    Ann on #158608

    As Jennifer suggested, check out books by Verlene Schermer, including the Tunes With A Twist series and especially Cool Chords And Groovy Rhythms. These books are available through Sylvia Woods Harp Center website. Try this page: Schermer on Harp Center

    jennifer-buehler on #158609

    I just picked up some Joyce Rice pieces that I heard at HarpCon and they definitely have some interesting harmonies with a minimum of lever changes!

    rod-c on #158610


    Jan Jennings has a nice book of pop tunes. It’s called: Pop Standards for the Lever Harp. Most online music stores will have it.

    Here’s a link.

    It has songs like Unchained Melody, Theme from Ice Castles, Can’t Help Falling in Love…

    The arrangements are for lever harp; if you’re an intermediate student, you will be able to play these pieces. I have the book and really like it.


    Rod C.

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