Music for harp and e-bass?

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    Anja G on #113526

    Hello to you – it´s me again with a question… My colleague is playing e-bass, and we would like to try and play together. I already heard a harpist play together with e-bass – and it sounded really nice!
    Does anyone of you has experience in playing with e-bass or could tell me about songs that would fit for those two instruments?
    Thanks a lot, Anja

    Alison on #113527

    wow yeah I reckon jamming some blues with a loud bass guitar, or a beefy amp would be great way to spend a few hours in a dim Ratskeller in winter, even better with an e-harp (would that be an electric harp), the L&H Rainbow or any Camac blues harp even or any electric lever harp, like the Scottish play hmmm you are getting me interested all over again…… I really wanted one a few years ago and spent a merry hour or so in the Camac factory showroom in rural France drooling over their big blue. Jakez was busy loading up for an exhibition so I was lucky they’d left that standing…
    Sid any chance you could take me to Las Vegas I’ll give you another $25….. for another harp and a bigger house, BTW I am deadly serious, no sarcasms intended, just woke up with a sense of humour today…….
    maybe I’ll put on DebHC’s CDs, haven’t listened to them for ages,,, really good if you haven’t got them, check them out , some from the 90’s like Budapest and Naked Music. I”ll have to dig them out again.

    Sid Humphreys on #113528

    If I’m not mistaken, It’s an electric bass guitar.

    Sid Humphreys on #113529

    Anja, look up Cindy Horstman. ( ) . she is a jazz harpist and may be able to help you with your music quest.

    patricia-jaeger on #113530

    Anja, on you tube, watch Lori Andrews, jazz harp, with Bart Samolis, bass.

    Anja G on #113531

    Alison – as I said before – I admire what you can do – jamming, improvising… – it must have been wonderful to be in the Camac factory! And yes – i love DHC`s music too!

    Anja G on #113532

    @ Sid and Patricia – thank you very much indeed for these interesting information. I looked up both harpists – their music is so nice, I definitely want to order a CD! I contacted them both about my quest – thanks again!!!

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