music for Bochsa-Andante sostenuto

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    unknown-user on #162215

    I have been trying, to no avail, to find the sheet music for N.C. Bochsa’s
    Andante Sostenuto for horn and harp.

    patricia-jaeger on #162216

    Holly, if anyone would have a copy of an obscure harp work by Bochsa, it would be the dedicated scholar of Bochsa, Patricia John in Houston. She has devoted years, and a whole room in her house, for research on Bochsa. You can e-mail me privately and I’ll tell you how to contact her.

    unknown-user on #162217


    Please note I have published recently the first biography on Nicoals Bochsa (unfortunately in French). I have also gathered lots of music sheets (though not the andante sostenuto…).
    If you somebody around you speaks French, you can order my book by sending me an email at (price : $15 postage included)
    Best regards

    amanda-woosley on #162218

    Ms. Jaeger,

    Hi, my name is Amanda Woosley.

    barbara-fackler on #162219

    The music may be purchased from

    Barbara Fackler

    carl-swanson on #162220

    Michel- Many years ago when I moved to Boston(from Paris) I visited the Loeb Library at Harvard just to see if they had any harp music. What I found were volumes and volumes of music by Bochsa. As I remember it was mostly or entirely solo pieces written on various Opera themes. But it’s been so many years since I was there that I don’t remember specifically. You might contact them to see what exactly they have. But I do remember finding TONS of stuff by Bochsa.

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