Music for Birthday Parties

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    sidney-butler on #148564

    I’m looking for music to play at birthday parties.

    patricia-jaeger on #148565

    So good that you mentioned the age of the honored birthday person, since the music would need to be tailored to that. If the party is for someone in the U.S.A. that would also make a difference. Find out if they have an ancestry from a foreign country and if so they would probably appreciate some music from there. Otherwise, I would say waltzes are very useful, and operetta music by Gilbert and Sullivan, Lehar, etc. All uplifting.

    sidney-butler on #148566

    Thanks for those suggestions.

    patricia-jaeger on #148567

    Sidney, here and there are a few

    erin-wood on #148568

    I don’t know if your party is over, but one of my favorite collections for this age group is Hits from the Early Years by Eleanor Fell. Everyone loves Five Foot 2 and Let me call you Sweetheart. Very sight readable. She also has a collection of Viennese waltzes if you are still looking for waltzes. You can find it at vanderbiltmusic

    sidney-butler on #148569

    The gig is over, but I’m happy to collect ideas for future events.

    patricia-jaeger on #148570

    Sidney, I’ve never used boogie-woogie but if you wanted to create a left hand bass line in that style, my teacher showed me: form, for example, CEGA on some low strings with fingers 4321. Holding down finger 3,without plucking, pluck only CGAG CGAG with a “swing beat”. This can be moved around to FCDC FCDC and so on. That anchored 3rd finger helps with speed. Use an appropriate melody in the right hand.

    sidney-butler on #148571

    By coincidence (I was look at a Prokofiev video!) I came across this:


    jennifer-buehler on #148572

    She looks like she’s having so much fun!

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