music for adult beginners.

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    unknown-user on #87920

    Hi all,

    Can anyone recommend music for adult beginners? I’m thinking of those that have not played an instrument before and

    unknown-user on #87921

    I’m an adult

    unknown-user on #87922

    As for exercises, you might enjoy:

    Conditioning Exercises for Beginners and Advanced Harpists, by Carlos Salzedo.

    I’m working though this booklet with my teacher, and I am quite enjoying it. The exercises give your fingers a good workout and they really help form a solid foundation to build on.

    David Ice on #87923

    I’ve always liked Betty Paret’s FIRST HARP BOOK.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #87924

    Yes, I use Sam Milligan’s Fun from the First, and Medieval to Modern,

    unknown-user on #87925

    Thankyou all for your terrific advice. It’s very helpful and I will explore all the works you all mentioned, as for different pupils different texts are often suitable.

    Much appreciated,


    Kathleen Clark on #87926

    The books I see adult students going through the most are all of
    Kathryn Cater’s books published by Afghan Press. Every one of her
    pieces is a little gem, each teaching a different skill. More than one
    of my adult harp pals has mentioned that they enjoy playing “Cater”
    because it isn’t just scales and arpeggios. When you finish learning a
    skill you actually have a really nice little piece for your repertoire.

    I’ve been at the Sylvia Woods Harp Center and have overheard other
    adult students showing her books to other adult students, over and over
    again, so they are really making the rounds. The first piece I ever
    played in public was Cater’s “Monarch Wings” from her ‘bug’ book. I
    don’t even remember the title of her books any more. Adults just call
    them the “bug” book, the “horse” book, the “bird” book, etc., and
    everyone knows which book they mean, that’s how popular they are.

    For myself, after I finished Cater’s books I started Mary K. Lloyd’s
    books (again from Afghan Press). I play a lot of her pieces now at City
    of Hope. They have a

    unknown-user on #87927

    Hi Kathleen,

    Thanks for much for your lovely post – I really appreciate hearing about the feelings of adult learners and what their experiences are, it is so helpful!

    Those books sound perfect for alot of the adult students that are down here in Tasmania (yes, the other end of the world!). There are alot of alternative lifestyle type people, and alot of those that take up harp are definitely of the “New Age” variety.

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