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    Jodi Ann Tolman on #144652

    I’m relatively new at playing the harp, and seem to be at an early-intermediate/intermediate level. I’m trying to find new pieces to learn and good music books to buy, but I’m having a hard time. I find it difficult to shop for music online without seeing much of the music as a sample, or being able to play any of it, or hear what it sounds like. I feel like I would be blindly purchasing music and taking a gamble on whether I’ll end up liking the music and have it be at my skill level. I don’t have any harp music stores nearby to go browse. Do any of you have tips on how to select harp music from online stores?

    Or if you have specific music that you think is really great for an early-intermediate/intermediate harper (36 string lever harp), I’d love any suggestions. I’m particularly interested in soothing and calm therapy type music, or beautiful melodic hymn arrangements, or really just anything that you all love and highly recommend!

    Here’s what I already have, just to give you an idea and help you know my skill level:

    -50 Christmas Carols by Sylvia Woods (I can play the “A” version of most songs, and can stumble through some of the “B” versions)
    -Hymns and Wedding Music for All Harps by Sylvia Woods (ditto)
    -Harp Solos, Graded Recital Pieces Vol. 1 by Susan McDonald and Linda Wood (I’ve learned all of these)
    -Nearer to Thee, Vol. 2 by Julie Mitton Staples (I’ve learned all but one song in this book)
    -In Remembrance, Vol. 2 by Julie Mitton Staples (Still need to learn these)
    -Upon the Willows by Brook Boddie (Still working to learn this)
    -Petite Berceuse by A. Hasslemans (Working on polishing this one)

    I’m considering a book or two by Sharon Thormahlen (her original music) but like with all music, it’s hard to know really what I’m buying.

    Any tips or recommendations are greatly appreciated!

    wil-weten on #144654

    I like Suzanne Guldimann’s books, especially Pastime with Good Company: Elizabethan Songs and Dances.

    The book is arranged for lap harp, but I like to play it on my large 38 string lever harp.

    Gretchen Cover on #144656

    Go to the music vendor websites that have sample pages and try the music before you buy. Melody Folk Harp and Harp Connection are two sites that carry sample pages. It will help your sight reading skills, too:)

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