Music as a stay at home mom

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    Hannah White on #223245

    Hello! Reaching out to this community to ask for creative ideas to keep up, and stay inspired playing music as a stay-at-home mom of very small children.

    Open to suggestions!
    Ideas of potential needs needing met online for harpists?

    Gretchen Cover on #223264


    I would suggest you join the various harp Facebook groups and lurk for a while. When you feel familiar with the groups pose the question you are asking above and also see if perhaps there is interest in another FB group for harpists with children.

    Meantime, I would be diligent about keeping a practice schedule. Hire a sitter or do kid trading so you have uninterrupted time. You may also want to schedule a recital or concert so you have a deadline and purpose for moving forward with your harp skills. It is so easy with a full time job and or with children to stop playing.

    Hannah White on #223265

    Thank you so much for the reply, ideas, and encouragement. I’m going to look into the Facebook groups! It had actually crossed my mind that there may be other harpist/musician/mom groups out there.

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