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    Catherine Ashley on #190821

    I’m looking to purchase a hard copy of the Mozart flute and harp Concerto (my copy is off IMSLP), just wondering what everyone thinks is the best edition to go for? And what your favourite cadenzas are?

    carl-swanson on #190927

    I’m old fashioned I suppose, but I like the Breitkopf & Hartell edition, and I like the Reineke cadenzas.

    Everyone knows the changes that need to be made to the Breitkopf edition to make it playable, notably the left hand octaves at the bottom of the first page. There are some others too. But there is no need for an arrangement by anybody else.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #190929

    Hello, Catherine! Along with the original, it’s nice to have the Salzedo edition for the great fingerings. He changed a lot of notes, which I changed back to the original. For example, there is no problem doing the one-handed trill in the slow movement. Also, his edition shows the flute part, which is very helpful. I have used the Reinecke and the Nino Rota cadenzas, both of which I like very much.

    carl-swanson on #190931

    Elizabeth-If you changed the notes in the Salzedo edition back to the original, do the Salzedo fingerings still work??

    Sam Milligan told me a story about a harpist who shall remain nameless who, having gotten all(and I mean all) her training from Salzedo teachers and Salzedo himself, got a Fulbright to study in France with Lilly Laskine. Part way through the year Laskine suggested they work on the Mozart, and the harpist in question, having learned it already with Salzedo, brought that version to her next lesson. Laskine looked at it, flipping through the pages, and then looked up and said “Honey, this isn’t the Mozart!”

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #190957

    Yes, Carl, the fingerings work like a charm. There’s a particularly good one in the first scale passage, that’s worth the price of the whole thing.

    diane-michaels on #190964

    An odd, but useful thing about the Salzedo edition is the harp part in the score is the urtext, not his edition – and I concur his is in many places an arrangement.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #190966

    Salzedo did not make extensive changes to the Mozart. If you look carefully, there are just a few measures where notes are changed to make it consistent with itself or to make it more playable. Moreover, his edits of the Reinecke cadenzas make them far more effective in performance and less Victorian sounding. His edition is the most consistent and tasteful. I have never heard a harpist play effective one-handed trills that match the flute. His two-handed trills allow the harpist to match the flute and to be thrilling instead of chilling and inept sounding. He added to the orchestration a pizzicato accompaniment there to replace the left hand. Moreover, he cut the horns melody that obliterates the harp solo in the third movement. His adaptation of the orchestration was not published, though, you have to get it from someone who has it. I would only use the original if I was playing this with a little ensemble, and then you have to find cadenzas to fit, with scores of them to choose from, and few of them effective for the harp. The Reinecke are completely in character with the Mozart, and the presence of glissandi does not make the Romantic instead of Classical. I think you should either use the Salzedo edition, or not, but don’t change it willy-nilly. It makes sense as it is.
    The only, only change I make is to play the appoggiaturas as quarter notes and not as sixteenth-notes, but he had a reason to make them 16ths, too.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #190967

    By the way, I performed this with a New York chamber orchestra, and the audience literally gasped, as a whole, at the incredible beauty of the second-movement cadenza as Salzedo edited it.

    Catherine Ashley on #192292

    Thank you for all of your suggestions!
    For some reason I didn’t get notifications of your replies, and I just logged in to see if anyone had, and behold! A wealth of wisdom!
    Thank goodness for Harp Column Forums!!


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