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    Rebecca Frager on #158355

    I’ve been playing harp for about 4 years.

    sherry-lenox on #158356

    I’m doing Pozzoli book 2 (the first book, printed with Grossi is Book 1, the intermediate book is published under its own cover), and the second book of Bochsa 50 Progressive Lessons for the Harp, and for me, they contain great confidence builders. What has your teacher recommended?

    barbara-brundage on #158357

    Some pieces that I like for students transitioning at your level, because the notes are easy and you’re free to concentrate on getting your feet going:

    Dance of the Little Fishes (Dewey Owens, from Impressions on Pedal Patterns for Young Harpists)

    Song at Night and Ebbing Tide by Lucien Thomson

    All these were written specifically to teach pedals. For instance, Song at Night is meant to teach you the pedals on the left side of the harp, while Fishes is a study in moving the F pedal to all three positions while you play.

    barbara-brundage on #158358

    Should have stressed that these are very much beginner level pieces as far as what your hands do, but they do the job in short order.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #158359

    Dewey Owens has a nice book of pieces in twelve different pedal settings, but they have no pedal changes. Le Bon Petit Roi d’Yvetot by Grandjany is a good one because you get to use enharmonics. The Lawrence/Salzedo Method is excellent because the Preludes gradually introduce the use of pedals until one is very proficient.

    Rebecca Frager on #158360

    I have purchased the 1st book of Bochsa’s 50 Etudes, and she has me starting Two Guitars by McDonald and Wood in Volume 4 of Graded Harp Solos.

    Rebecca Frager on #158361


    I don’t mind at all working on some ‘beginner” level pieces as long as they are now for the pedal.

    Rebecca Frager on #158362

    I’m going to check these out…Might be just what I am looking for.


    Rebecca Frager on #158363

    My Chicago arrived today.

    sherry-lenox on #158364

    Congrats Rebecca- Volume 1 of the Bochsa doesn’t have any pedal changes, but Volume 2 has lots of them.
    Just wanted you to be aware!
    Hope you’re enjoying the new harp!

    Rebecca Frager on #158365


    My first piece in Bochsa has a pedal change!

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