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    Hi my name is Tiffany Chan.

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    I play in two orchestras and I had a similar problem.

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    As you’ve probably found out, moving a harp isn’t easy; It takes a lot of care, patience and all that good stuff. I own a Salvi Aurora Concert Grand. A good idea would be to purchase a transport cover set (that includes a cover, base cover and column pad) which are available for $375. The retailers at the place where I rented my harp from (The Harp Connection, Salem MA) where nice enough to give this set to me free with the purchase of of the harp!

    Using the set is quite simple- the cover simply goes over the harp (and has handels for even easier transport) and portects the body quite well. The base cover protects the bottom of the harp whe you’re moving it wherever. The base just is just wrapped around the harp’s base. The column cover protect’s the harp’s column when it’s being pushed into the car.

    Always use a harp dolly when moving your harp. Salvi harps have small wheels built on the bottom of the harp when moving it only a little bit INDOORS not OUTDOORS.

    Hope this helps!

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    Steven is right, you can’t go without a transport cover, as the harp will accumulate little knocks and dints that will decrease its value, so they are well worth the investment…also, it may help to have a helper leaning through one of the side doors to guide the crown as it enters the car, and to take up some of the weight. Any building with disabled acess should not pose too many problems for harp moving…also, sometimes the help of well-meaning passers-by can land you in some trouble as people often try to lift the harp itself off the trolley when climbing stairs, so it’s best to do it yourself or with someone you have trained!!

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