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    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #185702

    I was utterly surprised to find this title in Netflix, and watched it, with pleasure. Not only was the main character a harpist, and the actress mimed playing quite well, but harps were also central to the storyline and the surprising climax! Well worth watching. And the music, of course, featured quite a bit of harp.

    catherine-rogers on #185715

    Is it available for purchase?

    sally morris on #240579

    Who played the harp in this movie?

    hearpe on #240624

    Sounds interesting. Could never sell my own script “The Hearpe” to Hollywood, and partly because I’d left the Arizona.

    hearpe on #240631

    Just saw it on youtube- coulda been more harping !

    hearpe on #240677

    Actually I’m disturbed by the film after a night of semi-sleeping on it

    Gratuitious male fist fighting
    disturbing sado-masochistic images
    and a violent ending

    A harpist (pissed) who doesn’t seem typical of many musicians- hopefully
    an insane brother who self destructs in his own violent passions
    and an unlikely suitor interested in the harpist less for her music than by his penchant for writing dark porn

    almost a sis-kill…

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #241561

    What might be funniest of all is that I have completely forgotten this movie, have no memory of it whatsoever.

    hearpe on #241984

    Saul- “The Stoner”

    Really? Five years after? Sha!

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