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    I found a website called, that if you type Casper Reardon in the search field, it links you to two of his bands, Jack Teagarden and Paul Whiteman, and if you select the tune Junk Man on the Teagarden page, you will hear Casper, the original jazz harpist, playing his solo. I’m sure there are more, but I don’t know the titles he recorded.


    Here are some other solo numbers he recorded:

    1]Red McKenzie – “Mean to Me” 12/28/33 IAJRC
    2] Jack Teagarden – “Stars Fell on Alabama” 12/18/34 Br
    3] Bob Terry – “It’s Been So Long” 01/15/36 Decca
    4] Three T’s – “You Turned the Tables On Me” [with Adele Girard] 12/04/34


    You may also have seen the You Tube clip (audio with slide show) of him playing “Evensong” from Young Man with a Harp with the composer Dana Suesse.

    Christian Frederick

    This guy was incredible! Why have I not heard of him? That was a glorious time for musicians!!! Here’s a great clip.


    He was part of the glorious first classes of Carlos Salzedo, along with Lucile Lawrence, Florence Wightman, Edna Phillips, Alice Chalifoux, Flora Greenwood and several others like William “Tippy” Cameron (“Sister Bill loves to dance” Miss Lawrence quoted.) He played in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, then moved to New York and started swinging, then died young and suddenly of an undiscovered tumor or cancer or something like that, breaking a lot of hearts. He left a composition behind, in addition to Young Man with a Harp, which I believe Calvin Simmons has, which is in the archives of the Curtis Institute of Music.

    Peter Mintun

    I recently uploaded several vintage harp recordings to SoundCloud website. These examples include “Young Man With A Harp,” a suite for harp and symphony orchestra composed for Casper Reardon. The recording, from 1940, was made with only three musicians: Casper Reardon, harp; Chauncey Morehouse, percussion; Dana Suesse (the composer), piano. and “Chansons Dans La Nuit” played by the composer, Carlos Salzedo, circa 1934.


    Thank you so much, Peter. This is a dream come true. You have uploaded about a dozen songs recorded by Casper Reardon, not just the Suesse Suite. Did he also perform the En Bateau?

    Peter Mintun

    Dear Saul, Yes! En Bateau is track #12 on this SoundCloud posting of Reardon recordings:

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