Moldau, Smetana

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    aziliz-harp–2 on #228332


    I am actually working on the Moldau (Smetana) for solo harp, only the first four pages, for a wedding. It’s a request from the bride for the ceremony.
    I have only a few weeks because I replace a harpist who will finally not be able to go to the wedding.
    I find it particularly difficult to play well, especially for the left hand who play very fast with a lot of crecendo and decrescendo. Do you have any suggestions or advices about how working on the piece?
    I memorized it easily and can play it by heart but I find that doesn’t sound so good and I think I have to work more precisely .
    What could be the different the different steps to do to be able to play easily with a good sound?
    Or how would you do yourself to work on the piece?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #228428

    If you only have a little while to learn it, you may have to simplify it enough that you can play it smoothly for now. For the long term, practise each hand slowly, paying close attention to any patterns or repetitions that you can find. Listen for even sound and watch for inefficiencies in your technique, if there are any.

    emma-graham on #228444

    It would be a huge challenge in only a few weeks. I agree with Elizabeth that simplifying it would be a good idea. Playing a more straightforward version well would be preferable to the risk of a slightly “fudged” version of the “proper” harp arrangement. There is a fairly easy piano version available free here
    I would a bit of an intro to it and would probably try to make the Left hand more interesting as this one is a bit on the dull side. It’s a starting point though.

    carl-swanson on #228448

    This is for a wedding. Do you think the bride or anyone else even cares about the left hand. Play the melody and some harmony and let it go with that.

    aziliz-harp–2 on #228504

    Thank you very much for your answers. In fact the bride sent to me a video of what she wanted (she insisted that I play the same score) so I can’t take an easier version, but I keep the easiest score for the next time.
    I explained her that it was a very difficult piece and that in so few weeks it is already a challenge, but she has listen to her video for so long time that she prefers I play the same, even if it is not the same tempo. She already have planned a part of the ceremony around this version.
    I will simplify a little the left hand to be able to play it properly.

    Thanks for your help!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #228978

    I agree with Carl. Do what is most comfortable and secure. Get paid when you arrive, not later.

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