Missing a measure in Ave Maria

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    sidney-butler on #157735

    I play Yolanda Kondonassis’ transcription of Bach’s Prelude in C.

    patricia-jaeger on #157736

    Sidney, you are correct that there is one measure missing (Prelude No. 1 in C, by Bach/Kondonassis,in “The Yolanda Kondonassis Collection”, pages 24 and 25. But the missing measure belongs between

    sidney-butler on #157737


    barbara-fackler on #157738

    I’ve run into this as well. There are, if I’m not mistaken, two versions of the Prelude in C. It’s the longer version, with that extra measure that Schubert used for the Ave Maria. It’s probably not an error in Yolanda’s, she just chose to use the “other version”.

    If I’m not mistaken, the one that Schubert used was from “Book One”. There’s one version in the Well Tempered Clavier and another with a collection of preludes and fuges. They aren’t identical.

    So it’s not enough to have a copy of the Prelude if it’s been used in another piece, you need to know which one. One is BWV 846, the other is BWV 846a (alternate version).

    barbara-brundage on #157739

    I think you mean Gounod, Barbara, and not Schubert?

    barbara-fackler on #157740

    Duh. Of course.

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