misprints in Afternoon of a Faun

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    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #226679

    I just found out today, from Clinton Nieweg, that there is a wrong note in the Harp 1 part for Debussy’s Afternoon of a Faun. The tenth and twelfth bars of Rehearsal 7 should be the same. The tenth bar is correct, and there is an Eb which should be a C in the twelfth bar.
    In some editions, in the 2nd harp part, there is a missing treble clef in the left hand in the 9th bar of Reh. 7. The note should be a Gb, the same as in the 11th bar. Also, there is a C# where it should be a C natural in the second harp part in the 6th bar after Reh. 9. It should be the same pedals as in the previous bar.

    Alison on #226727

    and we have spent a lifetime or more … 100 years without noticing, it’s always worth going back to the score and it would also be great if the amateur / community orchestras used both harps instead of relying on one most of the time. I have had to add the 2nd harp’s glissando into the 1st harp part.

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