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    unknown-user on #111466

    Do you have some favorite, or most annoying mis-pronunciations or manglings of harp-related names or words?

    Mine would start with Grand-jan-ay

    and Impromptu-Cap-ree (as though you were to play it in Capri pants)

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #111467

    “Oh will you be my accompanyist?”

    “Please play some Mow Zart”

    “What are them thar FOOT pedals for?”

    (pedal implies foot)

    Tacye on #111468

    Eugene Onegin

    unknown-user on #111469

    How is it mis-pronounced? You spelled it correctly…

    I can’t stand when people spell Lucile L-u-c-i-l-l-e, especially when they knew Miss Lawrence, or use her books.

    Tacye on #111470

    To be fair using the French pronunciation of the first name (i.e. not putting the v in) could possibly be justfied as standard nowadays, but missing the y out of Onegin really grates on me.

    David Ice on #111471

    Ava Maria (as in Ava Garner)

    Taco Bell Canon

    “That Furry Thing”

    Jerusha Amado on #111472

    Felix “Go deh freud” (Felix Godefroid)


    carl-swanson on #111473

    There’s a joke in France about the woman who went into a music store and told the clerk that her daughter needed the score to “Vache Qui Rie”(the cheese) instead of Walkure.

    There’s another joke I heard in France about the Ladies Club in some provincal city that decided to “bring some culture” to their city, so they asked an opera director from Paris to come and talk to them about mounting an opera in the local theater. The director came to town, looked over the theater and how it was equipped, and then told them that he could do a very presentable production of Pelias and Melisand there. How much would that cost? the ladies wanted to know. He told them the price and was met with blank expressions. Finally one of the ladies said “Well, that’s a bit more than we were planing to spend. Maybe we could do Pelias this year, and Melisand next.”

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