MIDI harp (pedal) use

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    eva-murphy on #149040

    I have seen the MIDI harp and the acoustic-to-electric/MIDI harp conversions offered on David Kortier’s website (both pedal and lever versions). I see that Camac has produced two MIDI harps, but they are apparently prototypes, not yet in general production. I have also seen a couple of people in other countries posting videos of trying to use MIDI applications with their electric harp-playing, but mostly in a non-performance setting/capacity. Anyone out there using MIDI harp with gigging and/or recording? Please tell me about ways you are using it. I am not referring to just playing an electric harp….I am interested in hearing about MIDI, especially MIDI pedal harping.

    Alison on #149041

    A pity you weren’t in London last night, it was a real treat to see and listen to the effects with the first production model (in black) , Jakez and Sioned playing and Domonic alongside in the composer/technology seat.

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