Micheline Kahn

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    sherry-lenox on #151250

    If anyone has a photo of Micheline Kahn, or has even seen a photo of her, could you post the source please?

    Thank you!

    Misty Harrison on #151251

    I thought there was a two-part article written by her son (JM Damase) about her that had at least one photo with it. I thought it was in the AHJ but can’t find it. Perhaps it was in the Harp Congress Review.

    carl-swanson on #151252

    Sherry – what do you want it for? Have you tried contacting Jean-Michele Damase(her son)? I’d bet that David Watkins might have a photo of her. Or Morley.

    sherry-lenox on #151253

    Thank you both for such great tips!

    Alison on #151254

    I once saw two old Erard harps in a residential house in Falaise in Normandy, France, and was told they had been her’s.

    sherry-lenox on #151255

    I am looking for her picture because my teacher studied with her. I try to come up with a meaningful Christmas present for her, and last year, when I gave her a picture of Jamet (courtesy of Carl Swanson and many thanks from me) she said that all she wanted THIS Christmas was a portrait of Micheline Kahn.

    I have found the web site devoted to the work of JM Damase, but I haven’t emailed the site yet. Guess I’d better get to work. It does seem that there are very, very few photos of her.

    The comment about her harps is most interesting to me.

    Alison on #151256

    They were Erards nos 4242 and 3008. Fancy that, I made a note and found it just now, stuck it in a book when I checked today.

    Alison on #151257

    Here you are, the LAST photo on the extreme right, (use the scroll bar at the bottom ) that’s a start anyway!
    ( I’m pleased with myself now !!)

    sherry-lenox on #151258

    Hi Alison- Is she the lady in the picture hat? What a beautiful picture! I had tried some of the French websites but my French isn’t nearly good enough to follow the links.

    I certainly do appreciate your detective work. I had just about given up and now maybe I will be able to get the picture somehow.

    THANK YOU so much! Sherry L

    carl-swanson on #151259

    Alison- That’s an incredible web site. There is so much information there about Andre Caplet. I wish every composer was that well documented. Thanks for telling us about it.

    sherry-lenox on #151260

    My son is a graphic artist and he’s going to try to PhotoShop it for me. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again……SRL

    Nancy Edwards on #151261

    Speaking of French websites, does anyone know of a discussion forum on harps, just like our Harp Column we’re using, in the French language??

    Alison on #151262

    Get this for a website!

    Nancy Edwards on #151263


    Thanks for those websites, they look very interesting!

    tonie-ogimachi on #151264

    Hi Nancy,

    There is a Facebook group called, “Tu sais que tu es harpiste quand…” (You know you’re a harpist when…”

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