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    Sally Course

    Does anyone know if Mendelssohn wrote any pieces for solo harp? I’m involved with a group who are planning programmes to include Mendelssohn and I can’t find any original compositions.


    Are you familiar with “THE EVENING BELL” written for harp & piano.

    I’ve played it for over forty years at many of my concerts, including

    Wigmore Hall in London.


    Sally Course

    Thank you Gerald. It was kind of you to reply. Do you know the name of the publisher? I fear it may be out of print.


    It was recently published and is easily available. It is a nice piece.

    Salzedo transcribed the First Song without Words, and it is difficult, but very rewarding to perform. A few others are playable, and he also transcribed the Spring Song. I believe Renie transcribed a couple of them as well.

    Anja G

    Hello Saul,

    do you know where to get (or who is the publisher) the transcription for harp from Spring Song? (I play it on the piano, like it so much and can imagine it is a wonderful piece on the harp also.)

    Thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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