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    michelle-winston on #163653

    I have had two weird experiences this week and not sure how to “resolve them.”

    They were both with potential clients…getting back into weddings, etc I have been marketing quite heavily…a couple called and wanted to hear me play prior to booking me…no problem. So we went through ceremony music, I gave them traditional and more contemporary choices….I felt like it was an audition as I know they are talking to several harpists….but what else do you do in such a situation?

    The next one I had was a total disaster.

    jennifer-buehler on #163654

    One thing I do is make sure that pontential clients know there will be a fee if they don’t book me at the time of the consultation.

    rod-c on #163655


    I am a harp student, so I have no advice to offer you based on experience. However, I applaud you for entering the market and offering brides and grooms the beauty of your harp music.

    You were very gracious in accommodating

    unknown-user on #163656

    Hi Michelle

    I would agree with what Rod said. It sounds as if the groom and the bride were arguing somewhat, and you were a useful scapegoat.

    So far I have only played harp

    kay-lister on #163657

    Hi Michelle,

    So sorry for your experience.

    Evangeline Williams on #163658

    I’ve had some bad experiences when it comes to grooms and the music.

    sherry-lenox on #163659

    Rudeness in the market place has become almost an expectation. For me, and it has happened very rarely, the drunk, laughing groomsmen were a particular annoyance. In one other instance, an organist missed a cue so one song was not performed during a wedding service.

    The groom left the photographer in mid shot to ask me to refund part of the soloist’s fee to make up for the missing song. I siad I had no way to compute what I “owed” him, but that since I had sung for half an hour before the ceremony for free, he’d have to count that as part of my job. He wasn’t happy but he backed down.

    Hate to imagine the scene when his wife bought herself an extra pack of gum.

    It’s absolutely true, you have to let it roll off your back and not even consider giving it a second thought. If Evangeline could get through what the groom did to her, anyone can get through anything.

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