Mchedelov – Variations on a theme of Paganini note question

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    diane-michaels on #151770

    In the Lyra edition, page 20, 2nd measure

    zoraida-avila on #151771

    Diane, I have the original version. Tell me, please, which one variation you speak aboutand I’ll try to help you.

    mr-s on #151772

    Hi Diane i have this piece and just reading it ,but have the fingering and notes written ,i dont think its Lyra,but as Zoraida said if you say exactly wich variation ,so it will be easier to answer you, i think you mean the last variation?

    diane-michaels on #151773

    This is in the Cadenza – There is a chord with a fermata

    diane-michaels on #151774

    Sorry, Zoraida – my thanks to you.

    diane-michaels on #151775

    Thanks to Elizabeth Volpé Bligh, I have an answer:

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