Matchbox Twenty harp…..backwards?!

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    elena-k-pohl on #149710

    Was watching TV the other day and this came on….a live, and very different rendition of Matchbox Twenty’s “Unwell.”

    Christian Frederick on #149711

    Very creative! My guess is that they guy plays keyboard, and the natural progression is the bass to the left and the treble to the right. Other than that explanation, he would be VERY limited to what he could do from that position. It kind of reminds me of Victor Borge playing piano laying down on the piano bench….

    Dwyn . on #149712

    I suppose a pedal harp would make an eye-catching and perfectly functional

    Sid Humphreys on #149713

    I think they simply thought a harp would be cool. They bought (or borrowed) one and one of the musicians taught himself overnight. Literally, OVERNIGHT!

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