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    Which harpists have given the most inspiring and informative master classes that you have attended or participated in? Who would you most like to have one with?


    I’d love to take a class with David Watkins. He (or someone who filmed him) has posted a number of youtubes with interesting techniques I haven’t seen elsewhere.


    Good choice.

    Harp One

    Sarah Bullen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She is the best orchestral player ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I played in a master class for Osian Ellis in the 1970’s, and I still remember it like it was yesterday. He had lots of inspiring tips for all of us and played several pieces for us from memory to illustrate his points, such as the Handel Harp Concerto, Malcolm Arnold Fantasy, and Britten Suite. My favourite quote from that class is “Never bore your audience”. There are so many wonderful harpists now, it would be hard to choose only one as a favourite, but I guarantee we’ll have some great master classes at the World Harp Congress. I will keep an eye on this thread to get some ideas.


    I would very much like to have a masterclass with Isabelle Perrin, David Watkins and Susann McDonald.


    David Watkins is giving two masterclasses in the UK on the Pilgrim Malvern pedal harp or Teifi folk harp this spring.

    Saturday March 7th 08 at Kirk Langley, Derbyshire, England

    Sunday April 26th 08 Pianos Cwmru, Porthmadog, N Wales

    If anyone would like to take the opportunity to join in a master class with David contact

    Best wishes.



    Oh yeah and during the Derbyshire Harp Festival there are master classes with David Watkins, Viktor Hartobanu and Helen Arnold – to name but a few and the chance to have private lessons with David!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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