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    laura-erickson on #186853

    I’m hunting for a group of ensemble pieces that were published in a collection and arranged or composed by Marilyn Marzuki. Two of the pieces are Cantilever and Falling Water…but I’ve searched high and low and cannot find them anywhere! Does anyone know of these pieces? Is the music out of print?

    patricia-jaeger on #186854

    Laura, I have these ensemble pieces, actually composed by Marilyn Marzuki, in her volume: Harp Album:Repertoire Primer. Publisher and Sole Distributor in 1976 was Studio P/R, Inc., 224 S. Lebanon St., Lebanon, IND. 46052.
    This album of 119 pages is copyrighted so copying any page is illegal, but Sylvia Woods Harp Center lists it on that site, with a picture of the front cover so that may be a source; and I got my copy from Salvi Harps (Cat.No. B 13, $9.95) when their address was at 1649 Tenth Street in Santa Monica, California, perhaps in the 1970’s. Since she was an Eastman School of Music graduate there is a possibility she gave a copy to Sibley Music Library, across the street from the school; they are both a part of the U. of Rochester, in upstate New York. Marzuki was born in 1942. The co=author of the book was Barbara Kaplan. Good luck with finding a copy.

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