Markings in Grandjany’s Fantaisie on a theme of Haydn

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    Esther Cannon on #86426


    I am studying Grandjany’s Fantaisie sur un theme de Haydn for a competition, and I have a couple questions regarding markings in the score.

    Tacye on #86427

    Do you have Grandjany’s Music for the Harp book?

    Esther Cannon on #86428

    Thanks for your help! I do not have Grandjany’s book, but will definitely look into getting it.


    Mel Sandberg on #86429

    Tacye, could you perhaps give the publisher of this book – I would also love to get it.

    carl-swanson on #86430

    Esther- I just went and looked at that page. Given where he uses that symbol(the bracket with the letter R inside) I’m gonna take a wild guess. The R with the bracket means right hand and I’m guessing that he is emphasizing the fact that the right hand plays on the beat, meaning that the rolled chord starts before the beat so that the melody note will land exactly on the beat and not after it. I’ll be curious to see if anybody can find Grandjany’s own explanation.

    carl-swanson on #86431

    Oops!! I posted this under the wrong thread! It should be under the Bach-Grandjany Etudes thread. I’ll repost it there.

    mr-s on #86432

    Hi Tacye,can you please tell me where i can find this book it would be great if there is a DvD with it too.

    Tacye on #86433

    The book is not a method or anything- so no DVD! It is a compilation of Grandjany arrangements including the Francisque Pavane and Bransles and should be available wherever you get your music.

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