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    unknown-user on #162207

    Well, I was unpacking my harpsicle and music stand after my first ever hospital gig (which I’m relieved to say went really well!) and I accidentally hit one of the black rubber feet of my stand against the side of the harp. After looking at the wood, I noticed there was a tiny little scratch that looked kind of like a black pencil mark. I tried rubbing it with a cloth, then I tried a little diluted soap and water, and then some polish, and it just won’t come out. It seems like the rubber scratched the finish and some of the black particles are imbedded now. Help! It’s small enough that I can live with it if I can’t get it out, but it’s still annoying. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


    Audrey Nickel on #162208

    If nothing else works, Music Maker sells touch-up pens (originally designed for hiding scratches on fine wooden furniture, I believe), and something like that might make the scratch less noticeable.

    unknown-user on #162209


    That’s so funny–I was wondering if I should have gone with a different header.

    Thanks for the advice. I think I might try that, and yes, it’s a maple harpsicle, so I’m thinking it should work. Oh, and if I ever do meet a great harper named Mark, I’ll be sure to pass on his insight! ;-)


    rod-c on #162210


    Congrats on your first hospital appearance!!!

    Liam M on #162211

    What is your original finish?

    unknown-user on #162212

    Thanks, Rod! I was just playing in the lobby since I’m still kind of new at this sort of thing, but I played better than I normally do and one employee in particular said it really helped her because she had been so stressed out all day. I’ll definitely be going back! I’ll probably try going once a week or so as I can, and then I’m also playing at a nursing home next week (I’ve played there once before) and then I’m also playing at the Christmas party for work and intermittenly at church. Phew! How did that happen? 😉

    But yes, we do all love our harps, and every little scratch is like a scratch on us!

    unknown-user on #162213


    I’m honestly not sure how to describe the finish. All I know is that it is a natural maple and European birch laminate Harpsicle with no stain or paint.


    unknown-user on #162214



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