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    [Marie Antoinette’s Harp](

    I have to be in costume for our concert on Sunday because the theme is Halloween, so I decided to be Marie because I have a fancy formal that looks like the mid-1700s. She did play the harp (see photo) and made it popular in France….before she lost her head. At first, I was going to be an angel, but that seemed Christmassy….not Halloweeny. The piece is Danse Macabre. Anyone else playing in costume for Halloween?


    wow I`ve never seen an harpist in costume!! 🙂 must be fun!


    I do at least half my performances in a costume, but I work the Ren faire circuit. It’s tricky designing Renaissance style gowns that give me the range of motion I need in my shoulders.


    A friend made a Medieval looking gown for me a few years ago. I’ve worn it for several Halloween themed concerts. If any asks, I say I’m the queen of the pedals!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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