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    (This is a re-post from the Coffee Table Section).

    I have an idea that I’m not sure who I should talk to about. I’ve emailed a few people at the AHS and also the International Harp Museum but I haven’t heard from anyone as of yet. My idea is to create a section of the harp society (or write a book) dedicated to preserving the work of Marcel Grandjany’s teachings and the French style of harp playing so that they are not lost forever.

    I study with a former student of Grandjany. Recently my teacher told me that many of Grandjany’s students have hand-written tips and tricks from Grandjany to solve problems such as buzzing as well as techniques to play a more beautiful aprpeggio, etc. She said that she has a lot of exercises (handwritten by Grandjany himself) in her music room and also mentioned that she communicates with other former Grandjany students. She told me that they all joke about how they are getting older so they better write all this down before they passed away and the information is lost.

    When I heard her say these words, I realized the truth in them and felt an urgency to record all this information so that it really isn’t lost. What a tragedy it would be if that were to come true! I do know that Jane Weidensaul began writing a method book with Grandjany but never finished it. I believe that she passed away several years ago so I don’t know whatever came of that work. I’ve also seen the video called Marcel Grandjany, The Teacher, which is wonderful but isn’t necessarily an instructional method, doesn’t necessarily address various tips and tricks (such as buzzing) and is certainly only a part of the information out there.

    I have modeled my idea somewhat after the Ernest George White Society ( which was established to preserve and teach this man’s vocal technique. Would it not make sense do to the same for Grandjany? A book on the subject would be a great idea as well.

    I’m wondering if anyone has an idea as to whom I should talk to about this project? Is this something that the American Harp Society would do or would this be more of a harp museum project? I would love to see a teaching section of the harp society to instruct harpists on harp pedagogy so that they may properly teach the the next generation. This could be the forerunner of that.

    If you have any ideas, please let me know what you think and if there is anyone that I should contact.


    I think this is a wonderful idea. However, I believe you should be knocking on the doors of former Grandjany students instead of the AHS. They all hold the information you are looking to compile. Good luck and keep me posted!


    I’d love to have such a book!

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