Manufacturing defect on Salvi Titan

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    eryn_forest on #223934

    Hi everyone !

    Is there anyone here who owns a Titan harp from Salvi? I just bought mine from the Instrumentarium (Paris), and once the package received, I see a gap between the soundbox and the shoulder of the harp! There is a gap between the two parts, of several millimeters (I enclose some photos), letting appear what it hides in it … I contacted the store and it assures me that this is not a defect of manufacturing or delivery and that this is present on all models, that the gap is used to “dampen shocks”. It seems strange to me, so I would like to hear what you think about it…

    It would really help me if anybody could send me pictures of his Titan, to check… Or if a luthier can give me his opinion. I really feel that sellers are mocking of me…

    Thank you for enlightening me because I’m feeling lost about this story…

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