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    renate-kvalsvik on #161744

    It seems that one of my levers has stopped engaging the string properly. I was engaging all the B levers before playing a song, and then when I played the uppermost B string suddenly sounded absolutely horrible and out of tune. So I studied the lever, and I see that it only halfway engages the string when I flip it. What should I do? My harp is less than a year old, and it has had a lot of problems with the uppermost levers buzzing while I play. Do you think I would be able to order some new levers for free from the manufacturer (Clive Morley Harps)?

    Liam M on #161745

    You should be able to regulate the existing levers, it would appear that they have slipped position slightly. The base of the lever should allow a small amount of adjustment in position. With the lever disengaged and slightly loose, (Very slightly), by you symptomology, advance it in the direction of the pin slightly. Snug it down, engage it and then check the tone. Repeat as necessary to arrive at the desired note.

    I would not hesitate to contact Morley. Not sure which harp or which levers you have and they are resellers, so there is quite a range. But they are reputable and realize that not all musicians are also mechanics, (Now that is one I have never understood, LOL!!), so I would expect they will be glad to help.

    Audrey Nickel on #161746

    What kind of levers do you have…do you know?

    renate-kvalsvik on #161747

    The harp is a Hempson 34 and the levers are Elysian. They’re plastic and gold-coloured.
    I get my husband to try and fix the lever for me, then. There are no luthiers in my area with experience with harps, since there are no harps at all to be bought in Norway, sadly. But I think I will have to buy some levers from Morley eventually anyway, because some of the ones I have make a buzzing sound whether engaged or disengaged. When I get my husband to put his hand on them as I play, the buzzing stops, so it has to be the levers…

    bernhard-schmidt on #161748


    if your string and lever was OK before than it seems that your string now

    renate-kvalsvik on #161749

    It was certainly a good thought, but no, the string is in its proper place. Thank you, though.

    renate-kvalsvik on #161750

    My husband and I fortunately managed to fix it ourselves. It wasn’t difficult at all, we just followed Liam’s advice. Thanks a lot!
    By the way, I just found myself a harp teacher, maybe even two, if I’m really lucky! So I’m just thrilled right now.

    Liam M on #161751

    You are more then welcome.

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