Make me a channel of your peace

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    Adrian Albertyn on #222337

    Where can I get a rendering of “Make me a channel of your peace” played on the harp.

    I dont think it is available on You Tube

    charles-nix on #222338

    Are you looking for video or audio?

    The text is a paraphrase of a prayer attributed to St. Francis. Various versions of the text have been set to several different tunes.

    I’m guessing you’re talking of the setting by Sebastian Temple.

    Do you play the harp, perchance? It is pretty easy to play from lead sheet.

    Adrian Albertyn on #222343

    Either video or audio will do.It will be the Temple setting.

    I do not play the harp.

    charles-nix on #222382

    I haven’t found one either. Was hoping you were looking for a video to learn to play it from, and maybe could help you that way.

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