Mahler 3rd

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    paul-wren on #150300

    Question about the E flat runs in the rehearsal 31 of the 3rd movement. Has anyone ever glissed this instead of playing the run? It goes by so quick and in the recording I have of the LSO, is sounds as if the harps are doing two very quick glisses in each measure.

    Just wondering.

    phyllis-adams on #150301

    See if there is a Chicago Symphony recording with Solti – the harp parts are usually quite audible and may help. Just a thought!

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #150302

    I got this part out of my files, and I see that I pencilled in “2 glisses to a bar”, so that must have been what the conductor asked for. This is starting two bars after reh. 31 of the 3rd movement. It’s notated strangely, with arpeggios written and the word “bisbigliando” underneath.

    paul-wren on #150303

    Thanks Elizabeth! I found that it is playable as written, but I heard from someone else that it is common to gliss these bars and conductors do usually ask that they do gliss.

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